• Ganesh Todkar

Apple’s map update makes navigation easier and more

Apple Maps

Apple Maps brings a fancy 3D-like mode that allows you to explore the world in Apple’s chosen aesthetics. The new navigation view can present overlapping and complex intersections for drivers in a more organized manner. This latest update also adds an augmented reality system where users can scan buildings and get walking directions based on where Apple Maps thinks they are. Apple announced a new user interface for Apple Maps at this year’s WWDC 2021, including suggestions for nearby traffic and providing more options for travel options. The first major update of Apple Maps will provide a new user interface for the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. This will include the latest 3D visualization maps, weather, search, and connections to the latest UI in the navigation. Apple Maps’ new AR scanning system will initially be released to a group of selected cities and will be expanded to other locations in the near future. It will be launched in San Francisco, Philadelphia, London, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles. This latest update will also bring new night settings to Apple Maps. When using Apple Maps to navigate in the dark, you will be able to see things more easily, and you will get more detailed driving instructions throughout the experience. We can expect this new update of Apple Maps to appear with the launch of iOS 15 so stay tuned for that...