• Ganesh Todkar

Apple Introduces live text to Apple devices

Apple live text

The new feature of Apple’s Live Text camera in iOS 15 allows you to interact with the text in the photo. Apple has introduced a new feature in its camera system that can automatically recognize and transcribe the text in photos, from phone numbers on business cards to whiteboards full of notes. This feature is called real-time text and does not require any prompt or special work from the user-just click on the icon. Craig Federighi announced on the virtual stage of WWDC that Live Text will appear on the iPhone in iOS 15. He demonstrated with a few pictures, one is the whiteboard after the meeting, and several snapshots, with the restaurant’s signboard in the background. Click the real-time text button in the lower right corner, the detected text will be slightly underlined, and then you can select and copy with a single swipe. In the whiteboard scene, it collected a few notes including the main points, and for one of the restaurant signs, it successfully grabbed the phone number in the picture, which can be called or saved. It uses a “deep neural network” to scan photos of the “entire system”, including photos on the Internet. In addition, it supports seven languages. In addition, it can recognize objects and scenes such as dogs or flowers. Spotlight global search function can now traverse user’s favorite photos. Spotlight’s contact search function will be less interrupted and the Do Not Disturb status will also be displayed. The new feature Live Text can automatically perform OCR in the camera application. It will pop out when you point the camera at the text. You can select it, copy it and paste it elsewhere, and you can also do this on an existing photo.

Not only this is available on iOS but also on the iPad OS and on the Mac OS which is incredible. So let me know what are your reactions on this....